The Foundation conducts scientific research directly or through universities, research organizations and foundations as indicated by Presidential Decree of 20 March 2003, no 135, and in particular in the following areas:
a) prevention, diagnosis and treatment of all diseases of human being;
b) production of new drugs and vaccines for human and veterinary use;
c) methods and systems to enhance safety in food and to protect public health in environment.

In order to pursue its institutional aims, the Foundation may:
a) carry out information activities designed to raise awareness on its initiatives and institutional activities or, in scientific research, promote professional and cultural training;
b) conduct fundraising activities using appropriate ethical methods and in accordance with this Statute;
c) finance, promote and participate in the implementation of initiatives within its institutional scope;
d) realize legal transaction designed to facilitate the achievement of institutional objectives;
e) cooperate with other private or public organizations, signing agreement or conventions;
f) acquire any kind of facilities and equipment, necessary to pursue its goals;
g) promote or provide scholarships for research activity.

The Foundation operates nationally and internationally.

Fondazione Avantea Onlus Bylaws