Research programs

The research activity is supported by participating in competitive calls for funds allocated to research projects. The priority of the start up phase  has been given to the development of animal models for human diseases.

In November 2011, at the Conference "The biotechnology research in biomedical and livestock field", held in in Cremona, the Scientific Committee of the Avantea Foundation was presented. Professor Sir Ian Wilmut, Prof.George Seidel and Dr. Giovanna Lazzari are the members of the Avantea Foundation Scientific Committee.  born with the purpose of directing the activities of basic scientific research of the Foundation.

The chart below shows the research fields of Avantea Foundation, focused both on biomedical and livestock secotors, from the creation of animal models for the study of human deseases to the development of assisted reproduction technologies, and to the development of alternative toxicological tests in order to limit the use of animals in laboratories.