11th October 2013 ""From basic research to translational medicine through biotechnology"

On the 11th of October the conference entitled: "From basic research to translational medicine through biotechnology" was held at the Maffei Hall of the Chamber of Commerce of Cremona. The event was organised by Avantea Foundation,  meeting point between biomedical and livestock research, within the research projects Superpig and Ex Ovo Omnia which are focusing on animal used in biomedical field (Superpig) and livestock sector (Ex Ovo Omnia).

Superpig project is co-financed by the Fund for the Promotion of Institutional Arrangements of the Lombardy Region, Structure, University and Research. Its purpose is to create a technology platform for the use of the pig in the biomedical field (for organ transplantation and tissue) and biotechnology (animal model). Superpig project is coordinated by Avantea S.r.l. in collaboration with Humanitas Mirasole Spa, IRCCS - Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research, the CRB- Biotechnology Research Center - University Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, IZSLER (Lombardy and Emilia Romagna Experimental Zootechnic Institute), Fondazione Multimedica Onlus and l'Istituto Genetica Molecolare of CNR (National Research Council)

The Ex Ovo Omnia project is funded by the Autonomous Region of Sardinia and the Region of Lombardy, as part of the "scientific and technological cooperation projects in the areas of biotechnology, ICT implementing the collaboration between the Autonomous Region of Sardinia and Lombardy Region." The aim of the project is to develop physiological systems for in vitro maturation of the oocyte in domestic mammals with the purpose of improving the efficiency of assisted reproductive biotechnologies. It is carried out by Avantea together with the University of Sassari and the University of Milan.

The conference had as its objective the dissemination of current knowledge in the field of organ transplantation, stem cells and biotechnologies. 

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